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10 Christmas Traditions in Different Countries

10 Christmas Traditions in Different Countries - Many of the Christmas traditions that may be quite strange in some parts of the world . Usually we decorate the Christmas tree , hiding gifts in socks and also tells the story of Santa Clause . But apparently in some parts of the world have a culture or myth that is not usually done during the celebration of Christmas . Curious ?

Let 's find out the uniqueness of Christmas in the following neighboring countries .

10 Christmas Traditions in Different Countries

Christmas in India

In India , the Christmas tree is not made ​​of spruce , but the mango or banana trees . In general , Christians would decorate their houses with mango leaves , and oil lamps are placed on the roof of the house or on the wall .

Christmas in Greece

Santa Claus is an important figure in Greece as the patron of sailors . In contrast to other countries , in Greece , the Christmas tree is not a common Christmas symbols . Is a bowl and a wooden cross became important thing at the moment of Christmas . In the center , there is a basil leaf dipped in a bowl and contains little water to keep the leaves fresh . Every morning , the mother will splatter all over the house room by using basil leaves , and this tradition is done to keep the objects and the evil spirits from their homes .

Christmas in Italy

It is striking that in Italy , Christmas tree ornaments from pine and snow was not commonly used . There is a pyramid that is made ​​of wood and decorated full of fruits .

Christmas in Australia

When in another country Christmas means snow play , for children in Australia , Christmas means playing in the sun , surf and shopping .Of course , because in Australia it comes Christmas when summer arrives . However , it does not necessarily break the spirit of the Christians there . Because they are also still decorate the house with Christmas trees and other decorations .

Christmas in Iran

In this country , Christians began fasting and not eating meat since December 1 . They call it a little fasting , fasting is a great 6 weeks leading up to Easter .Then , on December 25 after celebrating Christmas in the church , in general, each family will be holding a party and provides a menu of chicken called harasa . There was no exchange of gifts became a tradition in other countries , but the kids always got a gift from her parents .

Christmas in Japan

In Japan , the tradition of exchanging gifts had been wont to do , so at this moment almost everyone participating in the exchange of gifts . Almost like in the West , in Japanese Christians would decorate the house with mistletoe and Christmas trees .Interestingly , on New Year's Eve , all family members are required to wear their best clothes and dress neatly . Then they will march led by the father around the house . This ritual is believed to be a ritual to cast out demons . Then the father would throw every corner of the room with dried beans so that no evil spirits who want to stay .In Japan also when the Christmas season means one thing , namely KFC fried chicken . Birds including the rare animals in Japan . Therefore, in the 1970's KFC began to see an opportunity to start a Christmas tradition with KFC chicken advertise an important part of the holiday season in Japan . Now the Japanese are willing to queue up a month before Christmas to enjoy delicious KFC

Christmas in China

In China , the celebration of Christmas performed by using a home decorating paper lanterns . They will also decorate a Christmas tree with paper chains , paper flowers and paper lanterns .The highlight of the Christmas celebration is done in the new year , in which every child will receive a gift of new clothes , eating fancy food , get a new toy and enjoy the fireworks game . In addition , photographs or paintings will be on display ancestors in the main room of each house of the family.

Christmas in Iraq

On Christmas Eve , Iraqi Christian families will gather hand in hand with a lit candle . They then read a story about the birth of Jesus . After reading the story , they will burn the thorns from the bushes . When the spines burned down to ashes , then luck will come in the new year . When the fire is dead , everyone will jump on the ashes three times while making the request .

Christmas in Brazil

Almost the same merry with other countries , will be held in Brazil serve a family party with a special menu of dishes such as pork , turkey , colored rice , vegetables and fruits . Then when the rooster crows , held Mass at the church .Right on December 25 , Christians in general gathered at noon to go to the beach or just assemble it. Decorating fresh flowers almost visible in the corner of the city . Fireworks and huge Christmas trees decorated with beautiful lights can be seen in the sky throughout Brazil .

Christmas in Bethlehem

So what about the Christmas in Bethlehem ? There, done with a festive Christmas celebration . Almost the entire city was decorated with flags and Christmas decorations . On Christmas Eve , the tourists and residents will gather fulfill the church and watch the annual procession in the form of opera and pageantry .At every door of the house , the family will give Christian; cross in each door . As well as installing a large star in the square

10 Christmas Traditions in Different Countries

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avoid trivial problems when holiday

avoid trivial problems when holiday - You certainly want to have a memorable experience when traveling. Choosing appropriate routes and sights of interest would be the primary consideration that must be done .
avoid trivial problems when holiday

But there are common mistakes that often occur when traveling by Travelounge magazine September 2013 issue . Despite frequent traveling, it does not mean these mistakes will not happen and ultimately make you uncomfortable .

1 . Tempted hotel or resort photo

Do not be tempted by the photos posted on the web site of a hotel . Employers hotel or resort will certainly put a picture that makes the property more attractive . Better to look at recommendations of third parties, such as tourist sites and . Usually , there are various comments on there so you can draw your own conclusions .

2 . Choosing a too short time between two flights

Not infrequently , we have to arrange their own flights intercity or interstate because the airline did not provide a direct flight . To be free , should prepare at least 1.5 hour time difference between the first flight and the next flight .

Do not be tempted to book two flights with tight time . At first glance, a pause time of 45 minutes seems to be enough . But you do not want your vacation plans fall apart just because of baggage problems or delays in the first flight , is not it?

3 . Too eager to roam

Being in a new place usually makes us want to stop at the various locations and attractions . Instead, hold your appetite . Do not let the passionate desire to dominate the holiday planning . There are many cities that can actually be enjoyed in a relaxed atmosphere .

Visiting too many attractions in one day will actually make you tired and in the end could not enjoy the trip . Preferably , picky location you want to visit , or if possible , add to the holiday certainly more fun .

4 . Attracted crowds in the restaurant

Remember , busy is not necessarily bad . It could be that you pass through a crowded restaurant because slow service . If you want a culinary tour and indulge tongue , it's good to find info on the internet about where to eat delicious before you set off .

Feel free also to ask the locals about where to eat recommendations . It could be that it feels more authentic for a cheaper price , because many restaurants and cafes in tourist locations to charge higher than the standard price .

5 . Did not follow its own interests

Many people just follow the activities already carried out other people on a journey . Recommendations friends can certainly be considered, but remember that every person has an interest , respectively . Some are happy to stop by the museum or art places , others just want to sit around enjoying the atmosphere of the cafe or the beach . Try to be true to yourself , you are the type of tourists like what ?

6 Tips to Avoid Stress on Vacation

6 Tips to Avoid Stress on Vacation - School holidays underway. And, in the next month, the holiday feast came. Everything would have been prepared for holiday purposes. However, not infrequently makes holiday stress. Schedule delayed flights, traffic jams, or even personal readiness into trouble maker in holiday.
6 Tips to Avoid Stress on Vacation

Holiday, which is supposed to be a ritual of refreshment, it turns into pressure. To avoid that, here are some simple things to keep in mind while traveling.

1 . flight schedule

Ensure good at flight time , do not let one see the hours listed . Ensure up at the airport at least 1 hour before the flight . Consider also the possibility of congestion adana or demonstration . The reason , it is often the factor that makes travelers miss the plane .

2 . Be proactive if something goes wrong

Do not easily get angry over something that is not preferred . Remind family or companions to be careful so as not to make mistakes that ultimately hurt the group . If the error had already occurred , immediately think of a solution . Do not wait for someone else to move . The sooner the problem addressed , the more smoothly the trip .

3 . Prepare a copy of the personal data

Always prepare a copy of the ID card , passport , or driver's license with you wherever you go . Place copy in a different place with the original identity . If the identity of the original data itself is lost there will be a back up.

4 . Do not go overboard

Just because you 're on vacation does not mean you should overdo it. Understand limitations . Sleeping , eating , and beraktivitaslah enough . Do not let health declined when returning from vacation .

5 . Travelling alone

Every now and then , traveling alone can actually be beneficial . Stay away from the group . Enjoy time for yourself .

6 . Preparing yourself for all possibilities

Although everything has been well planned , there are times when it came out of the plan . Schedule delayed flights , bad weather , or getting lost can be a problem . Therefore , think of all the possibilities that happen . Do not easily fall when trouble strikes in a trip .