List of 5 Most Popular Tourist Attractions in Denmark

List of 5 Most Popular Tourist Attractions in Denmark
List of 5 Most Popular Tourist Attractions in Denmark - It is not easy to find the best tourist attractions in Denmark, because there are many sights and interesting places in the country, so you can find out by reading the following article

1 . Copenhagen

List of 5 Most Popular Tourist Attractions in Denmark
City of Copenhagen Denmark

Copenhagen is the capital of Denmark and the most popular among all the tourist attractions in Denmark . Copenhagen is not only the largest city with a population of about 2 million people , but also a place where you can spend most of your holiday exploring the many attractions , museums and famous tourist attractions . Most attractions in Copenhagen is located not far from the city center and it makes you pretty easy to see everything just by walking around or using public transportation , and you do not need to rent a car or buy train tickets etc. .

2 . Kronborg Castle

List of 5 Most Popular Tourist Attractions in Denmark
Magnificent Kronborg Castle in Denmark

Krogen fort is a tourist place in Denmark which was built in 1420 by King Eric of Pomerania to collect payments from all ships wishing to enter or leave the Baltic Sea . Kronborg Castle acquired the name in 1585 during reconstructed by Frederik II . The castle is situated in a strategic location , close to the border with Sweden . Kronborg Castle plays an important role not only in the history of Denmark , but also in the history of Northern Europe ( age 16-18 ) .

This magnificent palace is undoubtedly worth to be listed in the second position of the list of top tourist attractions in Denmark . Kronborg Castle ( In Danish language called Kronborg Slot ) enshrined in human memory as Elsinore Castle in Shakespeare ` s Hamlet . Millions of people from all over the world visit this amazing palace to explore the history of this old castle . Your children might also be happy to visit the old castle .

How to Achieve Location
The best and cheapest way to Kronborg Castle in Helsingor is a train ride from the main station in Copenhagen . Your trip will only take about 45 minutes and you will also be able to see the beautiful suburb of Copenhagen .

3 . Legoland Park

List of 5 Most Popular Tourist Attractions in Denmark
Playground Lego in Denmark

Lego factory started to produce toys in 1932 and Legoland park initially opened in 1968 in Billund Legoland next to the factory original . For more than 60 years has sold more than 320 billion Lego units throughout the World . So if quantified , it was like every man in the world has become the owner of approximately 56 Lego .

Tourist attractions in Denmark is a very nice visit if you are traveling with your kids ! Legoland is one of the best tourist attractions in Denmark . Some people visit Denmark mainly just to visit Legoland in Billund . Imagine a mini world where the houses , cars , animals , humans ... everything is made ​​from millions of Lego bars . Legoland Billund is divided into specific areas Mini : Duplo Land , Imagination Zone , Legoredo Town , Adventure Land , Lego City , Land of Polar and Gift Shop where you can always buy souvenirs and bars cool Lego sets .

Nowadays , you can find a variety of rides at Legoland family and thrill rides for adults of all ages . Tourist attractions in Denmark is indeed a perfect place to visit with the whole family. In fact you do not have to worry about unpredictable weather in Denmark that can spoil your vacation days , because there are plenty of indoor attractions and other activities that can be done indoors . You can even enter the race and win daily prizes Lego to create a new creature in the park or building Lego .

How to Achieve Location
Legoland park located in the heart of Denmark around 270 km to the west of Copenhagen . You can take the train from the main station in Copenhagen . If you prefer to fly by plane , the airport Billund is located very close to Legoland .

4 . Frederiksborg Castle

List of 5 Most Popular Tourist Attractions in Denmark
Frederiksborg Castle is the largest in Scandinavia

Frederiksborg Castle is isatana the largest ever built in Scandinavia . This castle was a royal residence for King Christian IV of Denmark king . The palace itself is located on a small island in the middle third of the lake and connected with a large garden in the baroque style . Tourist attractions in Denmark can be termed as one of the most beautiful castles in Northern Europe !
Frederiksborg Castle in Denmark is a tourist spot that is perfect for walking activity and a romantic boat ride tour . You will not be able to express your awe after seeing all the ... beautiful lakes , gardens and baroque incredibly amazing ! You can get pleasure not only from the countryside and the work of Scandinavian architecture , but also see an infinite number of exhibits presented at the National History Museum . In this palace served some of the most important collections of Danish history of painting and drawing.

How to Achieve Location
Frederiksborg Castle is located in Hillerod , north of Copenhagen . Hillerod is the regional center of Northern Zealand . You can catch a train from Copenhagen to the Hillerod ( journey time about 40 minutes ) . You can take a train to Hillerod every 20 minutes .

5 . Bornholm Island

List of 5 Most Popular Tourist Attractions in Denmark
Beautiful island of Bornholm in Denmark and Charming

Bornholm is a small island in Denmark , which is located somewhere in the middle of the Baltic Sea in the east of Copenhagen . Bornholm is a Danish tourist attractions in the famous tourist place in the summer with the popular travel destination for the whole family . Many people from neighboring countries visited Bornholm island every year , and enjoy the unique natural beauty . ! The island has many beautiful beaches , beautiful bays , flowering fields and old buildings ( architecture 1800s ) . Bornholm Island is also known as a fish and smoke his craft and art . No wonder why many tourists call this beautiful island as the " Pearl of the Baltic " .

How to Achieve Location
Ronne is the largest city on the island, as well as a major transportation hub . All tourists who want to explore first came to Bornholm Ronne . There are two ways how to get to the island of Bornholm . The first is the fastest , ie a plane from Copenhagen Airport , your journey will only take 40 minutes ! The second way and the most popular is to use the ferry from the town Koge Denmark . Ferry is also still in touch with a trip to Germany or Sweden . The trip will take about 3 hours .

List of 5 Most Popular Tourist Attractions in Denmark

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