not smoking is awesome

not smoking is awesomeI often hear in my country if not try smoking means you are weak or a loser , I started thinking why is that ? what we can be proud of smoke ? whether because of an attraction to make the smoke ? I do not know .

and the fact that every time I asked they could not answer and can only provide responsible if smoking is " cool " , I could just confused .

not smoking is awesome

scientists have warned us about the dangers of smoking

Adverse effects of smoking on health is no doubt . This habit is a major cause of mortality that could be prevented . WHO also has set May 31 as World No Tobacco Day , the smokeless cigarette worldwide . Let's say 'No ! ' on smoking , start today !American statistics show about 430 thousand people who die from diseases caused by smoking ( smoking related disease) . In addition , the data showed that more than 50 million people , 3 million of them --- are teenagers - , who continue smoking . Meanwhile, an estimated more than three thousand teenagers begin smoking each day studying , and 1,000 of whom would later die from smoking .Based on data from the American Lung Association , 87 percent of smokers will develop lung cancer and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease ( COPD ) . In addition to nicotine , cigarettes contain approximately 19 carcinogens , chemicals that can cause cancer and toxic chemicals other .

The reason for us not to smoke :

1 . Smoking is a bad habit
2 . Smoking is harmful to health
3 . Smoking is a waste

4 . Smoking disturbing others
5 . Smoking sign of trouble or stress
6 . Smoking ,gateway drug , drugs and alcohol .
7 . Smoking is addictive
8 . Smoking is a disease
9 . Smoking means loving yourself
10 . Smoking was no use .
    misunderstanding smokers

1 . Smoking is considered mediocre ( not dangerous to health )
2 . Smoking made ​​lifestyle
3 . Smoking to follow the prestige / trends
4 . Assume that the health of smokers and non-smokers alike.
5 . Smoking has become a habit in the community
6 . Smoking is considered a must for men

    The things that cause a person to become smokers

1 . because trial and error
2 . mentally weak
3 . Not confident
4 . lack of faith
5 . less science
6 . because of the association
7 . Families are smokers
8 . stress
9 . People love self-destructive

I actually give a warning to you via this article, all of it depends on you,thanks

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