Tips for success as a teacher who favored pupil

Tips for success as a teacher who favored pupil
Tips for success as a teacher who favored pupil - Basically the most important task of the teacher is to teach and educate. As a teacher it is a medium or active intermediary between students and science, being an educator he is an active medium between students and bow / philosophy of the state and public life in all its aspects, and in the personal development of students and bring them with influences from outside the well and keep them away from bad influences. Thus a teacher shall have everything that is closely related to their tasks,namely knowledge, personality traits, as well as physical and spiritual health.

Asian EENET lowering a report on the ideal teacher in the eyes of children in China and Pakistan
Consider some of the comments the children in China .

    Gao teacher like a mother to me . He hears all our problems and complaints and help us solve the problem .
    Master Shan always funny in our writing classes and made ​​us very interested in the subject . Without my knowing it , I love writing, and so gradually, I learned a few tricks to write well .
    He treats every student equally . In the goodness of his heart , he never impartial. As a student , this is the most valuable thing about the class teacher ... In Chen , we feel relaxed and alive ( excited ) . He was always " accidentally " ask a question or make a mistake so we can fix it . If we say something is wrong , do not blame us . He would even say with a smile : " Good Error ! Mistakes help us find problems " . A short time later , even the most timid students would raise their hands and answer the question .

Children in Pakistan argue about good teachers :

    Our teachers know every child's name .
    She explains on the board. If someone does not understand , he would call the boy and told him to stand next to him and explain that lesson again .
    He respects the kids , he always called them ' aap ' . ( aap is a polite form of 'you ' in Pakistan )
    The teacher keeps an eye on children while teaching .
The last paragraph in the article seems to hit the mark and should clearly describe how the ideal teacher :

    Good teacher is basically a good man . They have a loving personality , kind, warm , patient , assertive, flexible in behavior , hard working , and committed to their work . They are not the center of attention in textbooks or curriculum , but the kids ! They are very aware of the variety of ways children learn , differences between the children and the importance of a variety of methods to encourage students are capable of learning . Children who learn with such teachers do not need to spend extra money to attend tutoring after school . 
Tips for success as a teacher who favored pupil

An interesting fact is that a good teacher should be a counselor turned out good for her students . That is why a teacher should learn to explore counseling for her success . In the article " Good Teaching " by Theodore R. Sizer , former Vice Rector for Academic Affairs at Harvard University's College of Education said that teachers should be professional teachers that know the simple things about counseling , including the small things so that students grow . There are several points which he says :
  • Know the names of the students and calling students by name.
  • Greetings to students and colleagues with the warm and friendly .
  • Go attend student events outside the classroom , such as worship , games , and so forth .
  • Remembering something that never struggled by previous students . For example : if your mother has been out of the hospital ?
  • Avoid sarcastic in nature to comment on ignorance or mischief done a student . It will hurt students .
  • Never tolerance to racial issues , including racial jokes problem .
  • Remember the saying that given our parents : if we can not deliver or see something good about someone , do not say anything .
  • Tell the truth or reprimand in private . For example : Ayu , I actually suspect you cheated ... , Amir , you are less studied and seems lazy ... Hasan , you really smell yes , if you do not shower in the morning ? Tomorrow bath yes ... May you like disturbing ... )
  • Always encouraging that more students than the ability of the students feel .
  • Be positive teacher , but be careful to always praise the good work . No one seemed to learn faster when he felt that he was successful .
  • Shows friendship and be honest and objective in the assessment of students who we dubbed "rogue " or intrusive .
  • Being a student friends , but keep the well .
  • Never give up with our students , and do not dub them permanently , for example : the fool , the chatty , the shy , etc. .
  • Every time provide guidelines and rules , and do not convey why what is delivered .
  • Know tell which students are only heard and the notice so that it can absorb . The trick is to listen to them is to give them the opportunity to ask .
Thus a good teacher is a teacher who has always been an objective, open to accept criticism of the weaknesses that exist in itself, for example in terms of how to teach. This is necessary in order to improve the quality of education in the interest of students so it's really educational goals can be achieved with either. Courage see his own mistakes and admit it without looking for reasons to justify or defend itself defensively is the starting point towards the restoration effort

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