avoid trivial problems when holiday

avoid trivial problems when holiday - You certainly want to have a memorable experience when traveling. Choosing appropriate routes and sights of interest would be the primary consideration that must be done .
avoid trivial problems when holiday

But there are common mistakes that often occur when traveling by Travelounge magazine September 2013 issue . Despite frequent traveling, it does not mean these mistakes will not happen and ultimately make you uncomfortable .

1 . Tempted hotel or resort photo

Do not be tempted by the photos posted on the web site of a hotel . Employers hotel or resort will certainly put a picture that makes the property more attractive . Better to look at recommendations of third parties, such as tourist sites and Oyster.com TripAdvisor.com . Usually , there are various comments on there so you can draw your own conclusions .

2 . Choosing a too short time between two flights

Not infrequently , we have to arrange their own flights intercity or interstate because the airline did not provide a direct flight . To be free , should prepare at least 1.5 hour time difference between the first flight and the next flight .

Do not be tempted to book two flights with tight time . At first glance, a pause time of 45 minutes seems to be enough . But you do not want your vacation plans fall apart just because of baggage problems or delays in the first flight , is not it?

3 . Too eager to roam

Being in a new place usually makes us want to stop at the various locations and attractions . Instead, hold your appetite . Do not let the passionate desire to dominate the holiday planning . There are many cities that can actually be enjoyed in a relaxed atmosphere .

Visiting too many attractions in one day will actually make you tired and in the end could not enjoy the trip . Preferably , picky location you want to visit , or if possible , add to the holiday certainly more fun .

4 . Attracted crowds in the restaurant

Remember , busy is not necessarily bad . It could be that you pass through a crowded restaurant because slow service . If you want a culinary tour and indulge tongue , it's good to find info on the internet about where to eat delicious before you set off .

Feel free also to ask the locals about where to eat recommendations . It could be that it feels more authentic for a cheaper price , because many restaurants and cafes in tourist locations to charge higher than the standard price .

5 . Did not follow its own interests

Many people just follow the activities already carried out other people on a journey . Recommendations friends can certainly be considered, but remember that every person has an interest , respectively . Some are happy to stop by the museum or art places , others just want to sit around enjoying the atmosphere of the cafe or the beach . Try to be true to yourself , you are the type of tourists like what ?

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