adverse impacts to memorize without understanding

adverse impacts to memorize without understanding - To prepare for a test / exam will come, usually a pupil / student will learn the material first. How do the students learn a material? Memorize or understand?
adverse impacts to memorize without understanding

If you are a student who is also trapped in the paradigm of memorizing, you should immediately change the thinking and start trying to understand the material rather than memorize.

Facts about memorizing and understanding

1 . People who normally would memorize quickly forget what is memorized compared to those who understand

2 . People who understand can describe the purpose of the material being studied in their own language so it will be easier to remember it again .

3 . People who understand will know the core points , processes , means , intents and purposes a while people who memorize the material would not know because it was too fixated on the words memorized .

4 . People who would memorize swallow what is learned while those who understand will know and found an incongruity / thing that feels wrong ( if any ) in a material .

5 . If relying on rote , it will be difficult to see the relationship knowledge learned to the real world .. Contrary to understand , very easy for us to see the relationship .

6 . When trying to memorize it without realizing we are trying to understand ( sometimes successfully sometimes not ) but when we have understood the material ( with our own language ) then we have to memorize what is in the book itself .

7 . If we memorize the material then we just remember the idea or concept is the word for word. Meanwhile, when we understand , we can translate the concept with their own words .

8 . When we memorize will be difficult to explain ideas or materials to anyone other than the words memorized . Differences with understanding when we understand , then we can explain a matter to the words themselves , we can give examples , etc. . Even we are ready with questions .

9 . When we rely on rote , very difficult for us to apply an idea or science in everyday life . But , as we already know , then we can apply the idea or knowledge very easily .

10 . Lastly, when we just memorize , we do not necessarily understand , but as we understand it very easy for us to memorize .

"Memorizing is not a bad thing, but memorizing without understanding can be bad"

For that, understand what you memorized so that you memorize something that could be useful and not be in vain.

adverse impacts to memorize without understanding

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