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10 Christmas Traditions in Different Countries

10 Christmas Traditions in Different Countries - Many of the Christmas traditions that may be quite strange in some parts of the world . Usually we decorate the Christmas tree , hiding gifts in socks and also tells the story of Santa Clause . But apparently in some parts of the world have a culture or myth that is not usually done during the celebration of Christmas . Curious ?

Let 's find out the uniqueness of Christmas in the following neighboring countries .

10 Christmas Traditions in Different Countries

Christmas in India

In India , the Christmas tree is not made ​​of spruce , but the mango or banana trees . In general , Christians would decorate their houses with mango leaves , and oil lamps are placed on the roof of the house or on the wall .

Christmas in Greece

Santa Claus is an important figure in Greece as the patron of sailors . In contrast to other countries , in Greece , the Christmas tree is not a common Christmas symbols . Is a bowl and a wooden cross became important thing at the moment of Christmas . In the center , there is a basil leaf dipped in a bowl and contains little water to keep the leaves fresh . Every morning , the mother will splatter all over the house room by using basil leaves , and this tradition is done to keep the objects and the evil spirits from their homes .

Christmas in Italy

It is striking that in Italy , Christmas tree ornaments from pine and snow was not commonly used . There is a pyramid that is made ​​of wood and decorated full of fruits .

Christmas in Australia

When in another country Christmas means snow play , for children in Australia , Christmas means playing in the sun , surf and shopping .Of course , because in Australia it comes Christmas when summer arrives . However , it does not necessarily break the spirit of the Christians there . Because they are also still decorate the house with Christmas trees and other decorations .

Christmas in Iran

In this country , Christians began fasting and not eating meat since December 1 . They call it a little fasting , fasting is a great 6 weeks leading up to Easter .Then , on December 25 after celebrating Christmas in the church , in general, each family will be holding a party and provides a menu of chicken called harasa . There was no exchange of gifts became a tradition in other countries , but the kids always got a gift from her parents .

Christmas in Japan

In Japan , the tradition of exchanging gifts had been wont to do , so at this moment almost everyone participating in the exchange of gifts . Almost like in the West , in Japanese Christians would decorate the house with mistletoe and Christmas trees .Interestingly , on New Year's Eve , all family members are required to wear their best clothes and dress neatly . Then they will march led by the father around the house . This ritual is believed to be a ritual to cast out demons . Then the father would throw every corner of the room with dried beans so that no evil spirits who want to stay .In Japan also when the Christmas season means one thing , namely KFC fried chicken . Birds including the rare animals in Japan . Therefore, in the 1970's KFC began to see an opportunity to start a Christmas tradition with KFC chicken advertise an important part of the holiday season in Japan . Now the Japanese are willing to queue up a month before Christmas to enjoy delicious KFC

Christmas in China

In China , the celebration of Christmas performed by using a home decorating paper lanterns . They will also decorate a Christmas tree with paper chains , paper flowers and paper lanterns .The highlight of the Christmas celebration is done in the new year , in which every child will receive a gift of new clothes , eating fancy food , get a new toy and enjoy the fireworks game . In addition , photographs or paintings will be on display ancestors in the main room of each house of the family.

Christmas in Iraq

On Christmas Eve , Iraqi Christian families will gather hand in hand with a lit candle . They then read a story about the birth of Jesus . After reading the story , they will burn the thorns from the bushes . When the spines burned down to ashes , then luck will come in the new year . When the fire is dead , everyone will jump on the ashes three times while making the request .

Christmas in Brazil

Almost the same merry with other countries , will be held in Brazil serve a family party with a special menu of dishes such as pork , turkey , colored rice , vegetables and fruits . Then when the rooster crows , held Mass at the church .Right on December 25 , Christians in general gathered at noon to go to the beach or just assemble it. Decorating fresh flowers almost visible in the corner of the city . Fireworks and huge Christmas trees decorated with beautiful lights can be seen in the sky throughout Brazil .

Christmas in Bethlehem

So what about the Christmas in Bethlehem ? There, done with a festive Christmas celebration . Almost the entire city was decorated with flags and Christmas decorations . On Christmas Eve , the tourists and residents will gather fulfill the church and watch the annual procession in the form of opera and pageantry .At every door of the house , the family will give Christian; cross in each door . As well as installing a large star in the square

10 Christmas Traditions in Different Countries

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avoid trivial problems when holiday

avoid trivial problems when holiday - You certainly want to have a memorable experience when traveling. Choosing appropriate routes and sights of interest would be the primary consideration that must be done .
avoid trivial problems when holiday

But there are common mistakes that often occur when traveling by Travelounge magazine September 2013 issue . Despite frequent traveling, it does not mean these mistakes will not happen and ultimately make you uncomfortable .

1 . Tempted hotel or resort photo

Do not be tempted by the photos posted on the web site of a hotel . Employers hotel or resort will certainly put a picture that makes the property more attractive . Better to look at recommendations of third parties, such as tourist sites and . Usually , there are various comments on there so you can draw your own conclusions .

2 . Choosing a too short time between two flights

Not infrequently , we have to arrange their own flights intercity or interstate because the airline did not provide a direct flight . To be free , should prepare at least 1.5 hour time difference between the first flight and the next flight .

Do not be tempted to book two flights with tight time . At first glance, a pause time of 45 minutes seems to be enough . But you do not want your vacation plans fall apart just because of baggage problems or delays in the first flight , is not it?

3 . Too eager to roam

Being in a new place usually makes us want to stop at the various locations and attractions . Instead, hold your appetite . Do not let the passionate desire to dominate the holiday planning . There are many cities that can actually be enjoyed in a relaxed atmosphere .

Visiting too many attractions in one day will actually make you tired and in the end could not enjoy the trip . Preferably , picky location you want to visit , or if possible , add to the holiday certainly more fun .

4 . Attracted crowds in the restaurant

Remember , busy is not necessarily bad . It could be that you pass through a crowded restaurant because slow service . If you want a culinary tour and indulge tongue , it's good to find info on the internet about where to eat delicious before you set off .

Feel free also to ask the locals about where to eat recommendations . It could be that it feels more authentic for a cheaper price , because many restaurants and cafes in tourist locations to charge higher than the standard price .

5 . Did not follow its own interests

Many people just follow the activities already carried out other people on a journey . Recommendations friends can certainly be considered, but remember that every person has an interest , respectively . Some are happy to stop by the museum or art places , others just want to sit around enjoying the atmosphere of the cafe or the beach . Try to be true to yourself , you are the type of tourists like what ?

6 Tips to Avoid Stress on Vacation

6 Tips to Avoid Stress on Vacation - School holidays underway. And, in the next month, the holiday feast came. Everything would have been prepared for holiday purposes. However, not infrequently makes holiday stress. Schedule delayed flights, traffic jams, or even personal readiness into trouble maker in holiday.
6 Tips to Avoid Stress on Vacation

Holiday, which is supposed to be a ritual of refreshment, it turns into pressure. To avoid that, here are some simple things to keep in mind while traveling.

1 . flight schedule

Ensure good at flight time , do not let one see the hours listed . Ensure up at the airport at least 1 hour before the flight . Consider also the possibility of congestion adana or demonstration . The reason , it is often the factor that makes travelers miss the plane .

2 . Be proactive if something goes wrong

Do not easily get angry over something that is not preferred . Remind family or companions to be careful so as not to make mistakes that ultimately hurt the group . If the error had already occurred , immediately think of a solution . Do not wait for someone else to move . The sooner the problem addressed , the more smoothly the trip .

3 . Prepare a copy of the personal data

Always prepare a copy of the ID card , passport , or driver's license with you wherever you go . Place copy in a different place with the original identity . If the identity of the original data itself is lost there will be a back up.

4 . Do not go overboard

Just because you 're on vacation does not mean you should overdo it. Understand limitations . Sleeping , eating , and beraktivitaslah enough . Do not let health declined when returning from vacation .

5 . Travelling alone

Every now and then , traveling alone can actually be beneficial . Stay away from the group . Enjoy time for yourself .

6 . Preparing yourself for all possibilities

Although everything has been well planned , there are times when it came out of the plan . Schedule delayed flights , bad weather , or getting lost can be a problem . Therefore , think of all the possibilities that happen . Do not easily fall when trouble strikes in a trip .

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want to vacation with the family? make sure this first

When choosing a destination resort, each family has its own characteristics . They make the satisfaction of every member of the family as the primary consideration . That way , the holidays will feel good for children , teens , father , and mother . In order for a vacation destination is reached , first identify the type of your family . Furthermore , just think of alternative locations and types of activities to be performed during the vacation . Information from following pages can help you :

want to vacation with the family? make sure this first


This is a family type of search experience and love the adrenaline rush . They really enjoy sleeping roofed sky , tasting new foods , and very spontaneous in traveling . They have a long list of challenging areas to visit.

Travel in style

This type family enjoy traveling art , certainly not the extreme roads . They love to travel to foreign places are classy . The main tourist destinations are historic sites , museums , and tourist sites frequented . They prefer a well-planned tour .

ordinary tourists

This is the most common groups of travelers . They just want to take advantage of his vacation fund for a fun and memorable experience . All tourist sites suitable for them . They are very easy to be tempted to try out the tourist sites are often talked about . When visiting an area , they are quite satisfied with the drop in to one location and buy souvenirs . They love to come to the same tourist sites in the future . What distinguishes the only place menginapnya previous experience . Activity holiday remains the same .


Type family has a tradition repeaters repeat the same holiday weekend each year . They do not like to take risks that may be experienced when replacing a holiday location . Typically , they visit tourist sites not far from his home . They are comfortable with the old stuff .


Not everyone likes a vacation to the tourist sites . Some are more like lazing at home . They have not found a good reason to go looking for fun outside . There also are choosing to remain at home because of a phobia . Even on vacation , they prefer to go in groups and hire the services of a tour guide .

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adverse impacts to memorize without understanding

adverse impacts to memorize without understanding - To prepare for a test / exam will come, usually a pupil / student will learn the material first. How do the students learn a material? Memorize or understand?
adverse impacts to memorize without understanding

If you are a student who is also trapped in the paradigm of memorizing, you should immediately change the thinking and start trying to understand the material rather than memorize.

Facts about memorizing and understanding

1 . People who normally would memorize quickly forget what is memorized compared to those who understand

2 . People who understand can describe the purpose of the material being studied in their own language so it will be easier to remember it again .

3 . People who understand will know the core points , processes , means , intents and purposes a while people who memorize the material would not know because it was too fixated on the words memorized .

4 . People who would memorize swallow what is learned while those who understand will know and found an incongruity / thing that feels wrong ( if any ) in a material .

5 . If relying on rote , it will be difficult to see the relationship knowledge learned to the real world .. Contrary to understand , very easy for us to see the relationship .

6 . When trying to memorize it without realizing we are trying to understand ( sometimes successfully sometimes not ) but when we have understood the material ( with our own language ) then we have to memorize what is in the book itself .

7 . If we memorize the material then we just remember the idea or concept is the word for word. Meanwhile, when we understand , we can translate the concept with their own words .

8 . When we memorize will be difficult to explain ideas or materials to anyone other than the words memorized . Differences with understanding when we understand , then we can explain a matter to the words themselves , we can give examples , etc. . Even we are ready with questions .

9 . When we rely on rote , very difficult for us to apply an idea or science in everyday life . But , as we already know , then we can apply the idea or knowledge very easily .

10 . Lastly, when we just memorize , we do not necessarily understand , but as we understand it very easy for us to memorize .

"Memorizing is not a bad thing, but memorizing without understanding can be bad"

For that, understand what you memorized so that you memorize something that could be useful and not be in vain.

adverse impacts to memorize without understanding

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List of 5 Most Popular Tourist Attractions in Denmark

List of 5 Most Popular Tourist Attractions in Denmark
List of 5 Most Popular Tourist Attractions in Denmark - It is not easy to find the best tourist attractions in Denmark, because there are many sights and interesting places in the country, so you can find out by reading the following article

1 . Copenhagen

List of 5 Most Popular Tourist Attractions in Denmark
City of Copenhagen Denmark

Copenhagen is the capital of Denmark and the most popular among all the tourist attractions in Denmark . Copenhagen is not only the largest city with a population of about 2 million people , but also a place where you can spend most of your holiday exploring the many attractions , museums and famous tourist attractions . Most attractions in Copenhagen is located not far from the city center and it makes you pretty easy to see everything just by walking around or using public transportation , and you do not need to rent a car or buy train tickets etc. .

2 . Kronborg Castle

List of 5 Most Popular Tourist Attractions in Denmark
Magnificent Kronborg Castle in Denmark

Krogen fort is a tourist place in Denmark which was built in 1420 by King Eric of Pomerania to collect payments from all ships wishing to enter or leave the Baltic Sea . Kronborg Castle acquired the name in 1585 during reconstructed by Frederik II . The castle is situated in a strategic location , close to the border with Sweden . Kronborg Castle plays an important role not only in the history of Denmark , but also in the history of Northern Europe ( age 16-18 ) .

This magnificent palace is undoubtedly worth to be listed in the second position of the list of top tourist attractions in Denmark . Kronborg Castle ( In Danish language called Kronborg Slot ) enshrined in human memory as Elsinore Castle in Shakespeare ` s Hamlet . Millions of people from all over the world visit this amazing palace to explore the history of this old castle . Your children might also be happy to visit the old castle .

How to Achieve Location
The best and cheapest way to Kronborg Castle in Helsingor is a train ride from the main station in Copenhagen . Your trip will only take about 45 minutes and you will also be able to see the beautiful suburb of Copenhagen .

3 . Legoland Park

List of 5 Most Popular Tourist Attractions in Denmark
Playground Lego in Denmark

Lego factory started to produce toys in 1932 and Legoland park initially opened in 1968 in Billund Legoland next to the factory original . For more than 60 years has sold more than 320 billion Lego units throughout the World . So if quantified , it was like every man in the world has become the owner of approximately 56 Lego .

Tourist attractions in Denmark is a very nice visit if you are traveling with your kids ! Legoland is one of the best tourist attractions in Denmark . Some people visit Denmark mainly just to visit Legoland in Billund . Imagine a mini world where the houses , cars , animals , humans ... everything is made ​​from millions of Lego bars . Legoland Billund is divided into specific areas Mini : Duplo Land , Imagination Zone , Legoredo Town , Adventure Land , Lego City , Land of Polar and Gift Shop where you can always buy souvenirs and bars cool Lego sets .

Nowadays , you can find a variety of rides at Legoland family and thrill rides for adults of all ages . Tourist attractions in Denmark is indeed a perfect place to visit with the whole family. In fact you do not have to worry about unpredictable weather in Denmark that can spoil your vacation days , because there are plenty of indoor attractions and other activities that can be done indoors . You can even enter the race and win daily prizes Lego to create a new creature in the park or building Lego .

How to Achieve Location
Legoland park located in the heart of Denmark around 270 km to the west of Copenhagen . You can take the train from the main station in Copenhagen . If you prefer to fly by plane , the airport Billund is located very close to Legoland .

4 . Frederiksborg Castle

List of 5 Most Popular Tourist Attractions in Denmark
Frederiksborg Castle is the largest in Scandinavia

Frederiksborg Castle is isatana the largest ever built in Scandinavia . This castle was a royal residence for King Christian IV of Denmark king . The palace itself is located on a small island in the middle third of the lake and connected with a large garden in the baroque style . Tourist attractions in Denmark can be termed as one of the most beautiful castles in Northern Europe !
Frederiksborg Castle in Denmark is a tourist spot that is perfect for walking activity and a romantic boat ride tour . You will not be able to express your awe after seeing all the ... beautiful lakes , gardens and baroque incredibly amazing ! You can get pleasure not only from the countryside and the work of Scandinavian architecture , but also see an infinite number of exhibits presented at the National History Museum . In this palace served some of the most important collections of Danish history of painting and drawing.

How to Achieve Location
Frederiksborg Castle is located in Hillerod , north of Copenhagen . Hillerod is the regional center of Northern Zealand . You can catch a train from Copenhagen to the Hillerod ( journey time about 40 minutes ) . You can take a train to Hillerod every 20 minutes .

5 . Bornholm Island

List of 5 Most Popular Tourist Attractions in Denmark
Beautiful island of Bornholm in Denmark and Charming

Bornholm is a small island in Denmark , which is located somewhere in the middle of the Baltic Sea in the east of Copenhagen . Bornholm is a Danish tourist attractions in the famous tourist place in the summer with the popular travel destination for the whole family . Many people from neighboring countries visited Bornholm island every year , and enjoy the unique natural beauty . ! The island has many beautiful beaches , beautiful bays , flowering fields and old buildings ( architecture 1800s ) . Bornholm Island is also known as a fish and smoke his craft and art . No wonder why many tourists call this beautiful island as the " Pearl of the Baltic " .

How to Achieve Location
Ronne is the largest city on the island, as well as a major transportation hub . All tourists who want to explore first came to Bornholm Ronne . There are two ways how to get to the island of Bornholm . The first is the fastest , ie a plane from Copenhagen Airport , your journey will only take 40 minutes ! The second way and the most popular is to use the ferry from the town Koge Denmark . Ferry is also still in touch with a trip to Germany or Sweden . The trip will take about 3 hours .

List of 5 Most Popular Tourist Attractions in Denmark

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7 Dream Travelers Travel Destinations in Indonesia.

Indonesia is rich in culture and natural beauty of the beautiful and pleasing to the eye, and also become a haven for tourists, and it is not one of them gave this title

And the following tourist destinations in Indonesia that may make you interested, please read

1. Mount Rinjani in Lombok.

The silence and the beauty of Mt Rinjani in the morning, make a climber who will always want to come back.

Mount Rinjani is one of the icons of Indonesia's natural beauty, no wonder Rinjani attracted many foreign tourists to climb and can see the beauty of Mount Rinjani. Besides Mount Rinjani is one of the Most Beautiful Spot and coveted by many photographers, because the terrain is somewhat difficult to climb and need thorough preparation. It takes a lot of preparation and equipment to be able to climb comfortably.

When we hear the looming Mount Rinjani is the beauty of this mountain and exciting stories during ascent, not surprisingly Mount Rinjani is a mountain that is exotic and an icon on the island of Lombok in West Nusa Tenggara province. With a height that reaches 3,726 meters above sea level

Mount Rinjani in Lombok.

Mount Rinjani in Lombok.

2. Menjangan Bali Barat National Park.
Menjangan Bali Barat National Park.

I heard a lot of friends who had been the first or to Bali many times they've felt bored. When I ask why they say Bali only-that's it. When I did've been to Menjangan Island? Most of the answers yet. I just smiled and showed through photographs, "so this is the name Menjangan Island". They also widened the beauty of Menjangan Island.

it really clear .. really suitable for swimming

3. Tanjung Puting National Park, the world's largest Orangutan Conservation.
Tanjung Puting National Park, the world's largest Orangutan Conservation.
Tom King at Camp Leakey Orangutan Tanjung Puting Borneo

Tanjung Puting National Park is a national park located on the peninsula of Central Kalimantan, here are the biggest orangutan conservation in the world with an estimated population of 30,000 up to 40,000 orangutans are scattered outside the National Park and the National Park. besides Tanjung Puting National Park is also a designated Biosphere Reserve in 1977 with a core area of ​​Tanjung Puting National Park covering an area of ​​415 040 ha set in 1982.

Tanjung Puting National Park, the world's largest Orangutan Conservation.

to visit the Tanjung Puting National Park we have Sekonyer down along the river, there are still many ferocious crocodile in the river.

The best way to visit the Tanjung Puting National Park is by boat klotok, why Klotok called the ship because the ship tok tok tok sound so people around to name the ship Klotok. Klotok ship is fairly comfortable accommodations, ship passenger load klotok 7 to 12 people. and the rate of this ship is not too tight, so we can enjoy the atmosphere along the river Sekonyer way down the river. with this ship passengers can enjoy the sunset, fireflies firefly and wild animals are sometimes seen sidelines river.

4. Gili Nanggu The Paradise island in Lombok.

 Gili Nanggu The Paradise island in Lombok.

Everyone who visits will definitely Lombok to Gili, are two famous Gili Gili Trawangan and Gili Meno. For those who are tired of the dyke kekedua other Gili turns out there are still very quiet and includes private. Not much activity except for the tourists who play on the beach. Yes this is Gili Gili Nanggu, a small island that provides the surrounding beauty of the beach and no less beautiful than the other gili-gili.

Lombok Island also has a fascinating maritime natural splendor. Senggigi beach and small islands or dyke which are scattered around the island is a stunning save charm.

In addition to the region Gili Trawangan, Gili Meno, Gili Air which has a worldwide reputation, in the area of ​​West Lombok dyke there are also others that can be visited, namely Gili Nanggu.

Gili Lombok Strait Nanggu located in or on the west coast of Lombok Island. Administratively, the island is located in the District of Senggigi, West Lombok.

5. National Parks Wasur Merauke Papua, Indonesia Serengeti.
Wasur National Park is part of the largest wetland in Papua and unspoiled. Biodiversity makes this national park dubbed the "Serengeti of Papua".
National Parks Wasur Merauke Papua, Indonesia Serengeti.
Ants house is only as high as 3-4 meters in Merauke Papua.

Merauke is a destination that is quite special for me, not because other destinations in Indonesia are not special. but Merauke is my dream destinations 6 years ago when I set foot in Sabang Aceh, Sabang in Aceh at the time I promise one day I will set foot in Merauke Papua, which is the eastern tip of Indonesia. The sun rises first in East Indonesia in Merauke, but how many people know more about Sabang to Merauke yes, but this makes the second debate destination Sabang and Merauke became fairly popular destinations. This was so popular up until the second destination does not need to be promoted again

6. Heaven on Earth, Ora Beach Maluku.
Heaven on Earth, Ora Beach Maluku.

Manusela National Park is known as one of the most beautiful National Parks in Indonesia, with beautiful natural scenery and well preserved. and hilly scenery of which edge Markele, Manusela valley, many activities that can be done here as exploring the woods, rock climbing, observing animals / plants. and for lovers of Beach Park area Manusela this is paradise in the sea.

Manusela National Park area which covers 20% of the total area of the island of Seram, here are Binaya the mountain is the highest peak in the Moluccas. Most of this area has very steep slopes with deep valleys. the right to enjoy the beauty of this valley by using a long-tail fishing boats and along the edge of the valley.

Heaven on Earth, Ora Beach Maluku.

7. Raja Ampat Papua, this is Heaven.
Raja Ampat Papua, this is Heaven.

which makes Raja Ampat Special because it is located between the world's coral triangle region (coral triangel) who do not know what the world's coral triangle (coral triangel) This location is the center of the world's biodiversity.

The coral triangle actually includes Indonesia, Philippines, Malaysia, Timor Leste, Papua New Guinea and the Solomon Islands. which is the largest in Indonesia. The Amazon forest has recognized that a wide variety of animal species in it, now it is the Raja Ampat underwater forests of the Amazon.

Who entered the Coral Triangle region (Coral Triangle) was raja ampat, Derawan, Wakatobi and Komodo. no wonder the underwater beauty of this place. boundary line of coral reefs in the 6th state resembles a triangle. That's why they will be referred to the region as the world's coral triangle.

so, that's a destination that can be found in Indonesia, specify your choice now and immediately set off because you have nothing to lose

thank you, may be useful

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10 Tips on Choosing the right university

10 Tips on Choosing the right university
10 Tips on Choosing the right university

Going to college where you confused? and you do not have experience in choosing a good university? I will share some tips that may be useful to you, happy reading

10 Tips on Choosing the right university
  • Finding accurate information about the university that will be spoken, do not dwell on the slogans given by the university only as a promotional event to attract prospective students, you have to be aggressive to find more detailed information about the quality of the university.
  • Know accreditation and rankings; This is a very important point in choosing a university where you will continue your studies. The better the ranking of a university accreditation and will determine the prospects for qualified graduates.
some of the world's best universities
  1.     Harvard University
  2.     Massachusetts Institute of Technology
  3.     Stanford University
  4.     University of California Berkeley
  5.     Cornell University
  6.     University of Minnesota
  7.     University of Pennsylvania
  8.     University of Wisconsin Madison
  9.     University of Illinois Urbana Champaign
  10.     Michigan State University
These rankings are taken from the results of the assessment Webometrics (a reliable grading service), which includes the following criteria:

  1. Presence (Weight: 20%), the volume of global content that Google indexed;
  2. Impact (50%), which is measured by the quality of the content of third-party external link with the visibility of data using two search engines that Majestic SEO and Ahrefs;
  3. Openness (15%), ie the number of rich files (pdf, doc, docs, and ppt) are indexed in google scholar;
  4. Excellence (15%), namely academic work published in international journals are classified as high-impact with the source data taken from Scimago.
Next tips
  • dig up more information about the university; thing we can do this by listening to the radio, watching television or reading the articles about the university that you're interested.
  • Ask for references from your favorite teacher in school; This may not be too guarantee whether the university suggested is the best or not, but at least he is a man who has experienced and certainly want the best for their students, especially if you are the best students in the school.
  • Ask for references also to the parents, usually the parents wanted their children to university whose quality is absolutely guaranteed, so there is no harm if the requested opinion of them.
  • Seek information from relevant university graduate; This is a very positive step to be done, because the student graduates from a university is to be the benchmark of the university whether or not competent enough.
  • Do a comparison with several other universities; comparing one university to another university you will be able to consider which one is best.
  • Make sure that you wish majors at the university; This could be a major point in choosing a university, because it is highly unlikely if you get into a top university majors that fit but no expertise.
  • Do not get hung up on a favorite university; always prepare another university if you do not pass
  • Ask for directions to the gods; every effort we have done is not enough, there is also a good idea if we asked for directions to the Almighty because He is the one who decides everything.
may be useful, thank you
10 Tips on Choosing the right university

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Tips: Preparing Budget Vacation

Tips: Preparing Budget Vacation- Of course there must be a budget holiday savings separate from education, health posts and sudden expenditure as well as home remodeling. How much depends on the amount of your ability, and where to vacation destinations.
Tips: Preparing Budget Vacation

  • Determine the location of holiday destinations. Adjust the selection of the city or tourist destination with the contents of the wallet.
  •      Embed the amount of money that would be used for a vacation. Prepare paper, stationery and calculators. Start writing the amount of money for a vacation, and the cities which would you choose.
  •      Write down the estimated cost of accommodation: transportation, lodging, miscellaneous expenses (such as, travel admission, parking fees, laundry, and various tip), and consumption.

  •      Spending on is the most important meal while on vacation. With creativity and planning, you can save money and buy food that is not expensive but not junk food, to three times a day.
  •      When deciding where to stay, think about the possibility of renting a place that is fully equipped mini kitchen or pantry and microwave, gas stove or an electric stove and a small refrigerator for storing food and fruit or fruit juice. Guest house usually has this facility.
  •      When choosing a place to stay sort of guest house, you can save the cost of consumption. The money allocated for the purchase of raw materials and spices as well as tableware. But keep in reserve for fixed costs can enjoy local cuisine at tourist sites.
So are you ready to take a holiday at the end of 2013? I think you are ready after reading this article, I will still add some more articles for your reading, hope your holiday fun!

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Tips for success as a teacher who favored pupil

Tips for success as a teacher who favored pupil
Tips for success as a teacher who favored pupil - Basically the most important task of the teacher is to teach and educate. As a teacher it is a medium or active intermediary between students and science, being an educator he is an active medium between students and bow / philosophy of the state and public life in all its aspects, and in the personal development of students and bring them with influences from outside the well and keep them away from bad influences. Thus a teacher shall have everything that is closely related to their tasks,namely knowledge, personality traits, as well as physical and spiritual health.

Asian EENET lowering a report on the ideal teacher in the eyes of children in China and Pakistan
Consider some of the comments the children in China .

    Gao teacher like a mother to me . He hears all our problems and complaints and help us solve the problem .
    Master Shan always funny in our writing classes and made ​​us very interested in the subject . Without my knowing it , I love writing, and so gradually, I learned a few tricks to write well .
    He treats every student equally . In the goodness of his heart , he never impartial. As a student , this is the most valuable thing about the class teacher ... In Chen , we feel relaxed and alive ( excited ) . He was always " accidentally " ask a question or make a mistake so we can fix it . If we say something is wrong , do not blame us . He would even say with a smile : " Good Error ! Mistakes help us find problems " . A short time later , even the most timid students would raise their hands and answer the question .

Children in Pakistan argue about good teachers :

    Our teachers know every child's name .
    She explains on the board. If someone does not understand , he would call the boy and told him to stand next to him and explain that lesson again .
    He respects the kids , he always called them ' aap ' . ( aap is a polite form of 'you ' in Pakistan )
    The teacher keeps an eye on children while teaching .
The last paragraph in the article seems to hit the mark and should clearly describe how the ideal teacher :

    Good teacher is basically a good man . They have a loving personality , kind, warm , patient , assertive, flexible in behavior , hard working , and committed to their work . They are not the center of attention in textbooks or curriculum , but the kids ! They are very aware of the variety of ways children learn , differences between the children and the importance of a variety of methods to encourage students are capable of learning . Children who learn with such teachers do not need to spend extra money to attend tutoring after school . 
Tips for success as a teacher who favored pupil

An interesting fact is that a good teacher should be a counselor turned out good for her students . That is why a teacher should learn to explore counseling for her success . In the article " Good Teaching " by Theodore R. Sizer , former Vice Rector for Academic Affairs at Harvard University's College of Education said that teachers should be professional teachers that know the simple things about counseling , including the small things so that students grow . There are several points which he says :
  • Know the names of the students and calling students by name.
  • Greetings to students and colleagues with the warm and friendly .
  • Go attend student events outside the classroom , such as worship , games , and so forth .
  • Remembering something that never struggled by previous students . For example : if your mother has been out of the hospital ?
  • Avoid sarcastic in nature to comment on ignorance or mischief done a student . It will hurt students .
  • Never tolerance to racial issues , including racial jokes problem .
  • Remember the saying that given our parents : if we can not deliver or see something good about someone , do not say anything .
  • Tell the truth or reprimand in private . For example : Ayu , I actually suspect you cheated ... , Amir , you are less studied and seems lazy ... Hasan , you really smell yes , if you do not shower in the morning ? Tomorrow bath yes ... May you like disturbing ... )
  • Always encouraging that more students than the ability of the students feel .
  • Be positive teacher , but be careful to always praise the good work . No one seemed to learn faster when he felt that he was successful .
  • Shows friendship and be honest and objective in the assessment of students who we dubbed "rogue " or intrusive .
  • Being a student friends , but keep the well .
  • Never give up with our students , and do not dub them permanently , for example : the fool , the chatty , the shy , etc. .
  • Every time provide guidelines and rules , and do not convey why what is delivered .
  • Know tell which students are only heard and the notice so that it can absorb . The trick is to listen to them is to give them the opportunity to ask .
Thus a good teacher is a teacher who has always been an objective, open to accept criticism of the weaknesses that exist in itself, for example in terms of how to teach. This is necessary in order to improve the quality of education in the interest of students so it's really educational goals can be achieved with either. Courage see his own mistakes and admit it without looking for reasons to justify or defend itself defensively is the starting point towards the restoration effort

Reason Why your diet isn't working

Reason Why your diet isn't working-You're trying to do the diet? to have the ideal body? and you always wondered why your efforts to diet often fail? I think probably the most important thing is the lack of faith and feel compelled.
Reason Why your diet isn't working

And diet undertaken by the women and men who are doing the downsizing of the body that often has a specific purpose, and according to a survey indicated if 95% of people fail to do the diet properly.

so does that cause your diet to fail? :

1. Diet too tight.

Diets that are too tight can the make your diet fails. That Is Because You resist the temptation to eat foods that Become abstinence. Due to too hold it could make you so violates what is taboo. Diet does not always make you should not eat any kind of food. You can still eat foods that are preferred in certain time.

2.  said if the diet is a new lifestyle.

Maybe some of you managed to run a particular diet. However, when the diet was not already running, will likely return to the original habit. Really? Finished, which is why your diet is just wasted and have the ideal body that is only temporary.

3. quickly give up.

when diet, you are invited to gather for a chat etc, surely you will be served food or junk food like cake, of course you will try it because there is a sense of shy, but after the cake has been eaten you would think if your diet fail.

4. Can't wait.

diet has never run fast, because all it requires a process, you expect your body look beautiful in a few days and you too often you weigh every day, it's all the way which should not be followed if it is to follow a diet program, in doing diet takes great patience and goodwill.

So basically we have to have a strong mentality and intentions really strong to follow the diet, because if 2 it is ignored then you will feel the consequences

thank you for participating, thank you

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not smoking is awesome

not smoking is awesomeI often hear in my country if not try smoking means you are weak or a loser , I started thinking why is that ? what we can be proud of smoke ? whether because of an attraction to make the smoke ? I do not know .

and the fact that every time I asked they could not answer and can only provide responsible if smoking is " cool " , I could just confused .

not smoking is awesome

scientists have warned us about the dangers of smoking

Adverse effects of smoking on health is no doubt . This habit is a major cause of mortality that could be prevented . WHO also has set May 31 as World No Tobacco Day , the smokeless cigarette worldwide . Let's say 'No ! ' on smoking , start today !American statistics show about 430 thousand people who die from diseases caused by smoking ( smoking related disease) . In addition , the data showed that more than 50 million people , 3 million of them --- are teenagers - , who continue smoking . Meanwhile, an estimated more than three thousand teenagers begin smoking each day studying , and 1,000 of whom would later die from smoking .Based on data from the American Lung Association , 87 percent of smokers will develop lung cancer and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease ( COPD ) . In addition to nicotine , cigarettes contain approximately 19 carcinogens , chemicals that can cause cancer and toxic chemicals other .

The reason for us not to smoke :

1 . Smoking is a bad habit
2 . Smoking is harmful to health
3 . Smoking is a waste

4 . Smoking disturbing others
5 . Smoking sign of trouble or stress
6 . Smoking ,gateway drug , drugs and alcohol .
7 . Smoking is addictive
8 . Smoking is a disease
9 . Smoking means loving yourself
10 . Smoking was no use .
    misunderstanding smokers

1 . Smoking is considered mediocre ( not dangerous to health )
2 . Smoking made ​​lifestyle
3 . Smoking to follow the prestige / trends
4 . Assume that the health of smokers and non-smokers alike.
5 . Smoking has become a habit in the community
6 . Smoking is considered a must for men

    The things that cause a person to become smokers

1 . because trial and error
2 . mentally weak
3 . Not confident
4 . lack of faith
5 . less science
6 . because of the association
7 . Families are smokers
8 . stress
9 . People love self-destructive

I actually give a warning to you via this article, all of it depends on you,thanks

16 Tips for a Better Lifestyle

16 Tips for a Better Lifestyle

16 Tips for a Better Lifestyle

Everyone needs a name doing healthy activities so that everything runs smoothly for example health, if we have a healthy lifestyle we can be freed automatically diseases, such as famous people such as: football players, celebrities, etc.

And I can guess you do not want to become sick? so please you listen completely my article below

1 . Make healthy food becomes an important part of your life It is important that the whole of your body to function properly , as well as maintaining the health and beauty of the individual organs and parts of the body such as muscle , skin , hair , nails , etc. .Choose healthy foods that provide useful nutrients and minimize your consumption of junk food .

2 . Do not forget breakfast Start your day with nutrient-rich foods and balanced that will make you full of energy until the day when you eat lunch .

3 . Drink plenty of water If possible, replace your all kinds of soft drinks with water . It is much better for the body , aid digestion , burn fat , and does not cause constipation , like carbonated beverages .

4 . Prefer to eat foods that can be burned easilyAvoid fatty and every time you need to fill your stomach with something , eat fruit or fruit salad . Set your weight with a hint of healthy weight loss and make sure that you do not follow the instructions of various weight loss ' miracle ' because it can be bad for your health .

5 . Resist your emotional appetiteEvery time you face a problem , show determination , to not give in to what's on in your refrigerator or pantry .

6 . Live the sport as something funDo not think that sport is something you should do with compulsion . Sports is a lifestyle and the benefits of exercise would you feel for yourself , not for others .

7 . Start your day with mood ( mood ) is good Every morning Stimulate your mind with things that make your mood positive . Listen to music , read something fun , and talking on the phone with someone you love . Beginning the day is very important . If you have a good mood , difficulties or problems will be dealt with calmly.

8 . Minimize caffeine consumptionIdeal scenario is drastically lower the coffee consumption habits . Coffee may have some benefits but it can also be the cause of migraine headaches and other health problems if consumed in excess ( just 1 , a maximum of 2 cups of coffee per day ) . Tea is a good alternative .

9 . Do not give up the daily routineEvery time waking up in the morning , think that today you are going to do something great . Do not frown and do not let yourself get into a routine logic .

10 . Stop the delays Put your personal goals and make a plan to achieve it .

11 . Focus on your short-term goals Avoid making goals that are too ambitious and difficult . Give priority to the most concise and objectives can be achieved , manage the day -by- day .

12 . Run the daily program Record all the jobs and tasks that you have, starting with the tasks you have completed , your task should have been completed and you have not completed the task .

13 . Revise your plan At the end of each day , make a summary of what you have done and then set what you should do in the next working day in accordance with the level of importance of each task .

14 . Try to follow the schedule you stacking Especially when taking time for relaxation and another for your personal use . Work or obligations you should leave not more important than your own .

15 . Staying true to your good habits Do not change your habits by adopting a healthy lifestyle is not just because you 're on vacation . In this period you have to be more careful .

16 . Put your health on the right foundation Learn to handle your health as special rights ( for care and to make sure ) , and instead think of it as something that is given to you .

17 be a wise leader

Always trying to be a wise leader is the right choice, why? because if we do that we will be more easily trusted others and others will not be prejudiced against your ugly.