10 Tips on Choosing the right university

10 Tips on Choosing the right university
10 Tips on Choosing the right university

Going to college where you confused? and you do not have experience in choosing a good university? I will share some tips that may be useful to you, happy reading

10 Tips on Choosing the right university
  • Finding accurate information about the university that will be spoken, do not dwell on the slogans given by the university only as a promotional event to attract prospective students, you have to be aggressive to find more detailed information about the quality of the university.
  • Know accreditation and rankings; This is a very important point in choosing a university where you will continue your studies. The better the ranking of a university accreditation and will determine the prospects for qualified graduates.
some of the world's best universities
  1.     Harvard University
  2.     Massachusetts Institute of Technology
  3.     Stanford University
  4.     University of California Berkeley
  5.     Cornell University
  6.     University of Minnesota
  7.     University of Pennsylvania
  8.     University of Wisconsin Madison
  9.     University of Illinois Urbana Champaign
  10.     Michigan State University
These rankings are taken from the results of the assessment Webometrics (a reliable grading service), which includes the following criteria:

  1. Presence (Weight: 20%), the volume of global content that Google indexed;
  2. Impact (50%), which is measured by the quality of the content of third-party external link with the visibility of data using two search engines that Majestic SEO and Ahrefs;
  3. Openness (15%), ie the number of rich files (pdf, doc, docs, and ppt) are indexed in google scholar;
  4. Excellence (15%), namely academic work published in international journals are classified as high-impact with the source data taken from Scimago.
Next tips
  • dig up more information about the university; thing we can do this by listening to the radio, watching television or reading the articles about the university that you're interested.
  • Ask for references from your favorite teacher in school; This may not be too guarantee whether the university suggested is the best or not, but at least he is a man who has experienced and certainly want the best for their students, especially if you are the best students in the school.
  • Ask for references also to the parents, usually the parents wanted their children to university whose quality is absolutely guaranteed, so there is no harm if the requested opinion of them.
  • Seek information from relevant university graduate; This is a very positive step to be done, because the student graduates from a university is to be the benchmark of the university whether or not competent enough.
  • Do a comparison with several other universities; comparing one university to another university you will be able to consider which one is best.
  • Make sure that you wish majors at the university; This could be a major point in choosing a university, because it is highly unlikely if you get into a top university majors that fit but no expertise.
  • Do not get hung up on a favorite university; always prepare another university if you do not pass
  • Ask for directions to the gods; every effort we have done is not enough, there is also a good idea if we asked for directions to the Almighty because He is the one who decides everything.
may be useful, thank you
10 Tips on Choosing the right university

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